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If you want to experience the satisfaction and results of growing your business while you homeschool without sacrificing your sanity or child’s learning, then watch the video below, so I can show you how I did it. 

Grab the Balance Life, Business, and Homeschool Like A Boss (Mini-Course with schedule templates) for just $47 on this page only, so you can get in alignment with who you really are and learn exactly how to make time to get what you really want out of your life!

Course Map- Balance Your Homeschool Life and Business Like A Boss
Balance Life Business & Homeschool Like A Boss With Kim Brame

How It Will Help You…

  • Get into alignment by clarifying your vision to make time to pursue your purpose, which makes you passionate about each new day because it is so intentional, purposeful, and productive.
  • Let go of activities that suck away your time, energy, and capacity.
  • Avoid decision fatigue with preplanned tasks, so you will know exactly what to do when the time comes. 
  • Focus on your top priorities for your life, homeschool, and business each day, helping you do fewer things faster and more efficiently.
  • Use my bucket of time method that allows you some flexibility and freedom within a range of time.



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Course Map- Balance Your Homeschool Life and Business Like A Boss
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