Who Else Wants To Launch Their Business Without Sacrificing Their Child's Learning or Your Sanity?

Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring me will help you identify your skills and capabilities and empower you to have the confidence to use them to the best of your ability. I will help you work through barriers along the way to help you have a breakthrough faster than you would without my support, accountability, and guidance.

You hire me when you are ready to walk in your full potential and are sick and tired of going in circles and staying on stuck.

Although helping you master your mindset is a big part of what I do, coaching is future-focused work, unlike therapy or psychology, which focuses on past events in your life. I help you determine and achieve personal goals for your well-being, family, and business. I help you work through mental blocks along the way so that you can increase your clarity, confidence, and commitment.

A coach helps you identify problems that are hindering and holding up your process and guides you to solutions so you can create a plan, together, that will help you move forward to break through those barriers. On the other hand, a consultant gives you advice and information about handling a specific problem. During the coaching process, there will be times that you may want me to be your consultant, and that is okay too.

No, I have mentored many moms as they transition to becoming a  homeschooling family, if that is your goal. 

No, I have a variety of packages and plans to suit your level of need and budget.

I will help you identify a specific goal for each session and support you in accomplishing the goal. So you are always sure that you are making progress from week to week.

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