Welcome to the Enterprising Homeschool Mom blog and podcast.  You are in the right place if you are ready to learn how to reconnect with yourself, homeschool your kids, and make some income, in a way that fits your goals and lifestyle.

 I’m your guide Kim Brame, entrepreneur, freelancer, and stay-at-home mom turned homeschool mom of 4 boys.  In each episode and blog post,  you will learn practical tips to help you create capacity for your well-being, family, and business, so be sure to subscribe. Now let’s jump into it!

When I Started Homeschooling

 Today’s episode is all about why I created Enterprising Homeschool Mom. I began homeschooling my children in the fall of 2011.  Since this time, I’ve had opportunities to help some moms get started with homeschooling. Stay tuned, because I will share why I decided to homeschool in another episode.

Inspiration To Help Homeschoolers

Since the pandemic started, my social media inbox started to have more questions about homeschooling. Many moms wanted to homeschool their children, but they wanted to know how to get started. Some were also concerned about losing their identity as a working mom and their income if they chose to stay-at-home.

Since I’ve used different ways to make money from home, I decided to create Enterprising Homeschool Mom so that moms who desire to homeschool their child(ren) could do it in a way that encourages them to continue to build their dreams. I also teach people how to keep homeschool simple yet effective. Then everyone in the household can have time to cultivate their passions, including you.

How To Make Time To Build A Business And Homeschool Graphic

My Passion To Create Enterprising Homeschool Mom

Helping moms became a passion of mine. Like so many of you, I struggled with the strain of prioritizing myself, family, business, relationships, plus homeschool.

I use my experience to help moms not to feel overwhelmed or stuck as I did. It is not hard to start to feel like a victim to your circumstances, stop taking action on your goals, and feel like you will prioritize your dreams when the kids grow up.

The Goal of This Blog & Business

Now I truly realize that it is better to add a few bricks a day, even if it takes longer to build your dream, than not add any bricks at all. Therefore, I want to use my coaching and consulting to empower and guide homeschool moms to design a homeschool and business that fits their goals and lifestyle. Then they can build without breaking and have the breakthrough that they desire. Read more about How To Make Time To Build A Business As A Homeschool Mom.

My goal is to help 200 women become Enterprising Homeschool Moms within the next 2 years! Read More About Me Here…

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