So you want to homeschool and have a business too? Well, as the old saying goes, “anything worth having is worth fighting for.” I can’t lie and say there won’t be challenges along the way, because you already know that right? Of course, there will be some challenges because you have a child or children in your space. This presents some special challenges, but you are a special woman. So I want to equip you to handle them with grace.

Homeschooling and Having A Business Are Worth Fighting For.

Kim Brame

#1 Determine The Best Times of The Day To Work

Control what you can control by choosing the best times of the day to work distraction-free. This will look different for each person. Take into consideration when you have the best energy and creative ideas. Are you an early morning, afternoon, evening, or night person? Ideally, it’s best to work when you are at your best.

On the other hand, you may have to choose the best times of the day to work when you know you won’t be disturbed. This is especially true if you have babies, toddlers, or young children that won’t be able to understand some of the communication strategies that I will share later in this post.

You also have to consider the time you need to devote to homeschooling each day. I will share some simple strategies to keep homeschool simple yet effective when building a business in another post, so make sure that you subscribe so you don’t miss it.

#2 Decide Which Work Needs Your Undivided Attention

Now it is time to decide which work needs to happen during this time. Think about the tasks that you do that being disrupted, distracted, and disturbed throws you off your game. For me, I don’t like to be disturbed when I’m creating content. I need to focus on my ideas, purpose, and stay in a creative flow as much as possible.

I can make social media graphics while my kids are in my space and it doesn’t affect my flow so much, so I don’t need to use my special business-building time for that. I can even do this while my kids are homeschooling once they are working independently. I may even ask them for their opinion on the graphic design and how it looks.

#3 Set Realistic Expectations For Yourself

You have set aside the time that you need to work on your business. Now you have to set realistic expectations about what you can get done within that time frame. Don’t overload yourself with multiple tasks. Try to batch tasks together. It may require you to work for a few hours on the weekend if you need to work less hours each day over more days of the week to reach your goals.

For example, Mondays you may work on writing emails. Tuesdays do a training video. Wednesday publish something to your blog, YouTube, or podcast platform. Thursdays work with client’s or do some customer service tasks. Fridays focus on sales. Saturdays write social media content for the week and take a break on Sundays. This is just an example schedule to see how you can spread out your work without getting overwhelmed and stressed in the process.

#4 Don’t Give In To Distractions

I actually just pulled myself away from a distraction as I’m writing this section LOL. Distractions from the kids, husband, family, friends, social media and TV are everywhere. I think we live in such a distracted world that once you finally get peace and quiet you have to be careful not to distract yourself with your phone or housework.

When you find yourself getting off task, remember that you only have a limited amount of time to work before someone in your household needs your time and attention, so use your quiet time wisely.

Kim Brame

#5 Communication is Key

If your children are school-age then it is not too early to start communicating your need to have time to work on your business. I use to dash off to my office once my kids were distracted by other activities. Then I would get irritated when they would disrupt me. Of course, now they are hungry, irritating one another, or bored.

Then I realized that I’m less likely to be disrupted when they know that I’m going to work on my business, meet with a client, or make a video, etc. Plus I make sure that they have had quality time with me, a meal or snacks readily available, and activities that they love doing to occupy them for 1-2 hours. But you can adjust the time longer or shorter depending on the ages and development of your children.

#6 Don’t Allow Frustrations To Make You Feel Fed Up

I just have to tell you the straight-up truth. No matter what you do to ensure that you get some productive time. Life is going to happen from time to time. These events can be related to you or others. Give yourself grace. Keep everything in perspective. Perfect balance is not always possible, but you can manage to flow flawlessly in the chaos and keep your sanity.

As you go about building your business while you homeschool your children, you will experience moments, days, weeks, or seasons of frustration and feel fed up, but I don’t want you to give up.

#7 Develop A Way To Get Back On Track

There was a time when my kids interrupted my flow that I would find myself yelling, irritated, and feeling like a victim to my circumstances. Then I realized how counterproductive that was. Now I ask my kids what do they need? Remind them that I’m working. Tell them when they can expect me to be done working. Take some deep breaths and get back to work.

On the other hand, there will be times when you will want to go with the flow. You are allowed to pause, adjust, and take a break from the routine when necessary. Sit back and enjoy time with your family or do something for yourself if that’s what you need to feel whole again.

I hope that you found these 7 tips to help you have time to build a business while you homeschool to be helpful. Take my advice and feel free to tweak it to fit your situation.

Please let me know which ones you have found to be the most helpful for you in the comments?


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