What we’re talking about in this episode…

  • How to use leadership and emotional intelligence to create a united family culture?
  • How to recognize the potential in others and help them thrive?
  • How to be more self-aware of your feelings?
  • How to recognize your triggers and develop strategies to manage them?
  • Why it’s important to understand others too?
  • Why will these emotional intelligence skills help you in your homeschool?
  • Why is it okay to try different avenues of monetizing your skills as you discover your entrepreneurial path?

About Kerstin

Kerstin Kirchsteiger, is a Scientist turned Life & Leadership Coach.

Leveraging her analytical nature… combined with her understanding of individualized solutions, she has created a system for moms to peel back the layers of obligations, expectations, and guilt and build a life they’re excited to get up for every day.

The emotional rollercoaster that motherhood took her on, led her to leave science and dive deep into the study of Emotional Intelligence. She became a GENOS certified practitioner. Her journey of motherhood and entrepreneurship made it clear that work-life integration is a topic most working moms struggle with.

Kerstin offers coaching that includes tools of Emotional Intelligence, Respectful Parenting, and Leadership Training that helps her clients find their Flow AND give them tools for a successful career.  

If you have been struggling to create a family culture where the family operates as a team then this episode is for you.

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