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I'm Kim Brame !

I help entrepreneurial-minded homeschool moms discover the gaps preventing them from getting their work from home business up and running, so they can increase their income.


Kim Brame | Enterprising Homeschool Mom

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My Story

In 2004, after finishing my degree in Sociology and African American Studies then going into a professional case management job and hating it, I realized that I wasn’t cut out for corporate work or the non-profit sector.

My husband and I soon became pregnant with our firstborn, and I decided to stay at home for at least a year. Well, one year turned into several because I became pregnant with our second son.

Then I realized that I wasn’t going back to work anytime soon, but I felt the itch to do something more with my life, so I took the leap to self-publish a children’s book titled My ABC & Color Bible Book.

After sending my kids to school and realizing it wasn’t a good fit, I began homeschooling them in the fall of 2011.


Over the years, and two (more) sons later. I have created various revenue streams from online coaching, consulting, teaching, and selling products that have allowed me to make money from home.

My journey has not been perfect. I’ve experienced set backs, loss, and learned many lessons along the way.  

Yet my commitment to obtaining lifestyle and financial empowerment continues to push me forward.

I know what it feels like to be fully committed to keeping your kids out of the traditional school system, at the same time desire financial empowerment and flexibility with your schedule. Yet doubt, distractions, and delays often get in the way of making your goal a reality.

That’s why I started Enterprising Homeschool Mom.
I wanted homeschool moms like me to get the guidance, support, and connection I wish I had when I started my entrepreneur journey.

Keep Going,

Kim Brame