It is easy to lose focus on your business when you are responsible for homeschooling your children too. While it is may feel easier to put your business on the back-burner while you educate your children, this is not always in your best interest. Many homeschooling parents are also entrepreneurs, and I’m going to share with you 5 ways to stay connected with your life and business goals, so you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other.


Having a vision for your life will help you have a laser focus. It will help you make decisions about what you want and don’t want. Then you can make choices that will help you set the tone for your homeschool and working environment. You are blind without a vision. Sometimes what we really want feels scary and unattainable so we tend not to think about it much. But we should do the opposite if we actually want to experience the life that lights us up each day.


 Is your life in sync with what you want? Are your day-to-day activities taking you closer to your goals or leading you away from them. Every task or action needs to be for your business’s good or for your children’s education. The most ideal situation would be if they were good for both. 


 What is your goal? Your purpose can be best described as your ‘why”. For many people, the purpose is something you do that enriches your life and others’ lives. You would do activities (to some degree) even if you were not well compensated. They are things you would do even if it seems a little crazy to others. 


 Does your work excite you? Does it bring you joy, or does it bring you frustration? Are the things that excite you the same things that give you a sense of purpose? If they are not, how do you get them to align so you are getting both fulfillment and excitement at the same time? 


 Can you see where you are heading? Are your goals clear? Can you clearly see the steps you need to take to get you to the next step? Are you able to eliminate distractions that take you off your planned course? Clarity is like focusing on a light source (which is your goal) and not taking your eye off until you reach it. 

Final Thoughts

Remember, failure to define and align your purpose and passion clearly will land you in a position of frustration and discontent, and it will also exhaust you. Think about the alignment of the tires of your car. When they are not aligned, you might not even notice, but your car starts to drift slightly off course. Possibly taking you out of your lane if you do not work harder to steer in the other direction. This is why it is not only essential to plan and execute the alignment of your life, but it is also essential to check in and review from time to time to make sure you have not gone off course. 

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